Bringing Main Street to Dundee!

Our organization, the Downtown Development Authority of Dundee, has been working toward applying to become a Michigan Main Street community for a while.  Your trusty downtown representatives (including Beth LaPensee, Denny Polito, Lyle Jaworski, Mima Kubiske, Ray Gammo, etc.) have been busy learning about the program and how to bring it here:

  • Training with Main Street staff in nearby communities that are already in the program (Howell and Wayne).
  • Attended online training about the program, historic preservation tactics, determining the main street district, and more.
  • Traveled to Milwaukee, WI to attend the National Main Street conference

Now, it is it time for us to buckle down and get serious about sharing what we have learned and what we want to do with all of you.  It is easy to say that we want to create a close-knit community that sees the heart of Dundee as their center of activity and commerce. But what does that really mean?  Dundee is filled with people who are committed to this place and have loved it forever.  And our downtown has seen a pretty significant revitalization in recent years.  We believe that the Main Street program will bring us the support, the structure, and the discipline to ensure that we continue to strengthen our downtown.  We want our small businesses to thrive.  We want our residents to come here first before going out of town. We want our children to have a safe and fun place to go. And we visitors to flock to us to see what we have created.

This is our downtown. The Main Street program will help us to make the most of it. And to ensure that it will continue to be the cute, charming, lovely place it is now, long into the future.

We want to tell you more about the program and what we need to do to get into it.  Please join us at one or both for the following sessions coming up in September:

September 12, 2016: 6:30 at the Village Office
Members of the Heart of Dundee team will give an introduction to the Main Street program and why we think it is right for our community.  This will be followed by a review of our progress so far and pairing volunteers with volunteer opportunities.
Let us know if you are interested or planning to join on our Facebook event page.

September 21, 2016: 7:00 at the Village Office
Michigan Main Street staff will be visiting our community to learn more about us. They will be giving a community presentation focused on how the program will benefit different groups in our community, for example, residents and business owners.
Let us know if you are interested or planning to join on our Facebook event page.

In the meantime, you can read more about the program and how you can help ensure that Dundee becomes the next Michigan Main Street community here: