Get Downtown! #1

Is anyone else excited that spring is finally here?  We are ecstatic! With the warmer weather, we start to see many more people downtown visiting the Heart of Dundee.  We live in a walkable community – meaning it is easy and desirable to get places by foot.

“Truly walkable communities are characterized by much more than good sidewalks and street crossings; they include many attributes: a mix of uses, frequent street connections and pedestrian links, timeless ways of designing and placing buildings. They create desirable places to spend time in, to meet others.” From:

In honor of the beautiful spring weekend, we are kicking off a post series called “Get Downtown!”  It will feature stories from Dundee residents about there travels – by foot or by bike – to the Heart of Dundee.  We want to hear how your walk or ride was, how long it took you to get to downtown, what you did once you got there, and so on.  And we are hoping to encourage more people to get walking and get downtown!  Submit your own story here.

We hope you enjoy our first story!

BL’s Story


When did you get downtown?

Where did you start from? 
The neighborhood southeast of the Old Mill – near Dundee Methodist Church

How were you traveling?
Walking – and pretty slow, too.

Who were you with?
I walked with my 2 kids, ages 12 and 6.

How far did you travel?
From home to Devine Delights (with all the little detours) was 0.92mi.  I used “Map my Walk” on my iPhone to track the distance.

How long did it take?
We sat down with our ice cream 28 minutes after we started off.  Includes scooping time.

Where were you headed and what did you do?
It was such a nice day that the kids asked to take a walk to downtown. Our destination was Devine Delights but had many stops along the way. Along the walk, we were looking for signs of spring – flowers, shoots, buds, etc. We stopped at to look over the river from the upper lookout are by the Old Mill. There were a lot of people fishing in the lower area so we decided not to go down. And then after a brief stop on the other side of the river at the gazebo, we decided to get on over to Devine Delights for ice cream! We enjoyed strawberry, cookie dough, and something with caramel that got named “Milky Bites.” A lot of other people had the same idea about ice cream – it was the perfect day for it. On the way home, we stopped at Open Door Boutique and Swan Creek. Bought a few little things for Mother’s Day (and some old toy cars from upstairs at Swan Creek).

Do you have any other comments, observations, or suggestions?
It was a lovely walk and afternoon. The pinwheels in the triangle were colorful and beautiful. Loved seeing so many people out and about. The kids are planning to have us take them fishing at the river soon! The one thing that could have been better was the old picnic benches where we ate our ice cream.  They aren’t looking too great.  I thought it would be a great volunteer project to sand and repaint the benches in the gazebos!

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