I ♡ Downtown Dundee Photo Contest

What do you see when you go downtown Dundee? What makes you feel happy and proud to live here? What would you put on a Downtown Dundee postcard? And where do you see unrealized potential?

Part of the Main Street application includes presenting a series of photos (up to 20) that capture the heart and soul of our downtown. These photos should capture our assets as well as opportunities for improvement.

We want all of you to help us to tell this story in photos!! This photo contest is open to anyone who loves Dundee and runs now through October 20.

How to Enter

You can submit up to 5 photos for this contest.  You will also include a summary or description of your submission that explains why your photos should be used to represent Downtown Dundee.

There are two different ways to submit your photos – email or submission form. See Rules & Guidelines below for the details.

  1. Use the online submission form (works on computer and mobile)
  2. Email photos to info@heartofdundee.org. Be sure to let us know if you want photo credit and what name to use.


The 3 best submissions will win prizes that were donated by our local businesses. Photos to be included in the Main Street application will be selected from all submissions, not just the winners.  Selected photos will be posted on our website and social media with credit to the photographer.

Prize details are forthcoming.

Rules & Guidelines

  • Each contestant can submit up to 5 photos. Submission must include at least 1 asset (something great) and at least 1 opportunity for improvement (something that could be great with some work and attention).
  • Include a description or summary of your submission that explains why you included the photos you did.
  • Photos should be within the downtown area.
  • Photos must show the current state of our downtown.
  • Submissions are accepted through the two stated methods: email or submission form.
  • By submitting your photos, you give us (Dundee Downtown Development Authority) the rights to use your photos in the Main Street application, on our website, and in social media. Photo credit will be given if requested.
  • Submissions must be received by midnight on October 20, 2016
  • Photos will be judged by the Main Street committee and winners will be notified by October 25.

Tips for Winning Submissions

  • We do not need professional photos. Any photos that are clear and in focus will be considered.
  • A great description of the photo and reason for submitting it will go a long way. It will help us tell a great story about our downtown.
  • We are mostly looking for photos of the buildings, landscape, structures, parks… physical characteristics.
  • Photos that represent the community in some way will also be of interest.
  • We will be printing this photos and post online and so higher resolution photos will be better. Send full size or original photos.