New Benches!

If you have spent any time downtown lately, you will have noticed that there is a beautiful new set of benches in the triangle around the bandstand.  Several months ago, the Dundee DDA (Downtown Development Authority) was approached by Bobbi Carroll from the Dundee Area Rotary Club to see if there was a project we could work on together.

The DDA had previously been working on a phased plan to replace some broken benches and to add benches where there really should be some (like along the river walk).  The Rotary Club became aware of our plans and offered to supply the benches for the first phase!

Dick Sowa and Kurt Diver install the plaques to the new benches in the Downtown Triangle.

The Rotary graciously supplied the benches and arranged for their installation.  The new benches are quite comfortable and fit so much better with the aesthetic of historic downtown.  If you have not yet enjoyed the benches, please do come downtown and give them a try!  And be sure to thank a Rotary member!

You can learn more about the Dundee Area Rotary Club on their Facebook page.