There are several projects and programs that are aimed at improving our downtown area. We are always looking for new ideas and for people to pitch in to make things better.  If you have any ideas or would like to help, let us know in the comment or fill out our volunteer form!

Flower Basket Program – Each spring, we bring a little color to the downtown with our flower baskets.  We are interested in expanding the program to add more baskets as well as ground-level planters.  Volunteers with this program focus on keeping the flowers looking fresh and beautiful – planting, watering, pruning, etc.

Google Listing Workshops -Every day, people search for things nearby by conducting local searches. These are searches aimed at finding things near where they happen to be. This workshop series is focused on helping local business owners optimize their own listings for getting people through their doors.

Christmas in the Village – We have completed our 3-year plan, in conjunction with the Village, to refresh and expand our Christmas decorations throughout the downtown to create a warm and welcoming feeling throughout the holiday season. New ideas are always welcome.

Benches & Bike Racks – We want people to spend more time downtown.  Part of this is about making the downtown more comfortable.  We are incrementally replacing old benches and adding new ones to encourage you to sit and stay a while.  The first installment of new benches was in early 2016, thanks to the Dundee Rotary. We will also be adding bike racks around the downtown area.

Greenspace Project – We love our green spaces!  In addition to the benches and bike rack placements, we have finished our newest area called “The Hub” it is a great place to meet up with friends and family, place an order at Uncle Lyles and sit outside to enjoy the great Michigan weather. With the picnic tables and umbrellas it will be the perfect spot for fun located near the Ypsilanti/Van Nest municipal parking lot.